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Projects & Services

Our Projects 

Join us in one of the wonderful projects and services we offer. From sports to therapeutic services, theatre to crafts, we have lots to offer at Powerhouse. Get in touch for the latest schedule and how to access our programs. Learn more about them below.

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Advocacy & Theraputic Services

We offer 1-1 and group support for issues around anger management, anxiety, loneliness, human rights, form filling, assertiveness and advocacy. Members are supported to attend Co-Production and other relevant meetings. We also work with the local Community Transport Police who regularly attend events and help the members to report hate crime in the community. Where necessary we refer members onto to other services such as Stay Safe East. The Project Coordinator holds an Advocacy City and Guilds Qualification.

Each month we run a group psychodrama therapy session facilitated by Claudia Vau, qualified Psychodrama Therapist. During these sessions the members talk about enact scenes from their lives and explore thoughts and feelings. We use a variety of methods including debate, role play, hot seating, role reversal and basic playback techniques, to help the members build their communication skills and build relationships with others. We also have monthly Pets as Therapy sessions with Leo and Topaz the dog and Walk and Art sessions with Your Space. Richard Maguire, of Faiers Training gives annual workshops on self advocacy and autism awareness.

These sessions help the members identify everyday harassment they face on public transport, talk about difficult situations, understand personal choice and build self esteem.


80% of participants have reported more confidence, are more able to share their opinion, and feel more able and safe outdoors.

Sports & Healthy Living

We regularly play basketball, badminton and go for walks in the local park. Past activities have included Parkour, Indoor rock climbing, athletics and walking football.


We regularly attend London Inclusive Sports Event. We also work in partnership with Peacocks Boxing Gym, who run boxing and fitness sessions.

Each year we host a badminton tournament in conjunction with Black Arrows Badminton Club, inviting participants from other organisations including Alfrieda Society.


During the summer months, the members work on the allotment, growing fresh vegetables such as carrots, coriander and tomatoes. The participants sample these during the healthy eating sessions to make dips etc. and also take them home for their dinner. The healthy living sessions involve talks on sleep, relaxation, dealing with stress and anxiety, sexual health and personal hygiene. We also have a session on cooking each month, which focuses on making healthy dishes and sampling new foods.


We are looking to establish Powerhouse for Women as a trailblazer in sports for women with learning disabilities.

Learn Project

All members choose their own projects to work on, researching from books, asking questions and completing their own study. They also have workbooks and sheets and complete these at their own pace with the assistance of the session leader and volunteers. We use books, magazines, picture dictionary, games, puzzles counting bricks and ribbons as teaching resources. Members have also been learning the sign language alphabet and made a film showing these signs.


This year we are also introducing Computer Skills and some of the members will get to be supported to teach their skills to the group. We regularly visit the Canning Town and Custom House Library to use their resources.


The members have started writing their own short stories for publication in the future.


2 members were able to attend and achieve a Food Hygiene Level 1 course.

Performance Work

We are building our reputation as a theatre company and regularly seek opportunities to perform. Every year we run a Fashion Show, a Christmas Play and take part in Learning Disability Week Events. We also carol sing at our local tube station, Canning Town.

In the summer, we hold a week long Performing Arts Summer School, bringing in theatre and dance professionals to run workshops, culminating in a performance in a local venue. We also choreograph dances to celebrate festivals such as Diwali, Halloween and Easter.

For every project, there are roles for everyone to be involved. We discuss performance nerves and how to deal with these. The performances help build the women’s confidence and also show the public that they have a visible role in society.

We have collaborated with Florian Seubert, PhD student Goldsmiths University, Jane Wheeler of Living Song, SoundCastle, Simone Sistarelli of Poppin For Parkinsons and many others.


We organise at least one trip a month into the community. Past trips have included Southend, Museum of Childhood, Natural History Museum, cinema, Valentines Park, Tate Modern, Whitechapel Art gallery and Newham Farm.

We travel on public transport using buses, escalators, lifts, stairs and the underground, so that the members gain confidence when out and about. By travelling as a group, members have an opportunity for peer social learning and are able to assist other members, helping to build self-esteem.

Arts and Crafts

Powerhouse runs regular art and craft sessions involving drawing, colouring, painting, colour mixing, clay, embroidery, knitting, appreciation of famous artworks and discussion of the members work and what it means to them.


The members have produced several group pieces of artwork for the Together2012 Exhibition, backdrops for theatre project and designing fashion wear for the Powerhouse Fashion Show. Some of the members’ artwork has also been chosen for use by Powerhouse on promotional flyers for events. One member, Jean, has had her own exhibition at Applecart Arts Theatre Cafe.


This year we will be designing Christmas Cards for purchase

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